Base Camp / 1000 Days for the Planet

Guided activity - Exhibition

January 1, 2013 to May 22, 2015
All Day Event
4101, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal, QC Canada
H1X 2B2

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A captivating, unique and extraordinary experience

Base Camp / 1000 Days for the Planet invites you to enjoy a captivating, unique and extraordinary experience at the heart of our planet’s biodiversity, as you embark on a 3-part adventure.

In this unique site, you can follow Jean Lemire’s 1000 Days for the Planet mission, live. You’ll also meet the researchers who are busy trying to find solutions to various specific problems, as you watch an interactive presentation on their research and share their passions.

The final stop in the Base Camp is an area where people post what they are doing for the planet. You can take part in the

Ambassadors’ movement

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