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September 2017

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Botanical Garden

September 19, 2017

A Scale, a Wish

Guided activity

SEPTEMBER 8 TO OCTOBER 31 - Leave a trace of your passage in the Chinese Garden by helping to complete Dragon Tian Long's coat of scales.
Botanical Garden
Friendship Hall - Chinese Garden

All About Trees

Guided activity

FROM MAY 15 TO OCTOBER 31 - Have a tete-a-tete with the trees and discover their true nature. Stroll through them in search of surprising flavours, sounds,smells and textures.
Botanical Garden
Tree Pavilion



AT ALL TIMES - The diversity and quality of the species of trees and shrubs at the Botanical Garden make it a prime location for birdwatching.
Botanical Garden

Chinese tea and pastries

Activity - Tasting

FROM SEPTEMBER 8 TO OCTOBER 31 - Taste Chinese pastries and hot tea in an enchanting setting.
Botanical Garden
Chinese Garden
MAY 15 TO OCTOBER 31 - Take a look at these surprising trees! A crabapple, a cascading fir, and even Virginia creeper… Come admire these fascinating natural works of art shaped by experts.
Botanical Garden
Tree Pavilion
FROM SEPTEMBER 8 TO OCTOBER 31 - Montréal Space for Life is presenting the 6th edition of Gardens of Light, a remarkable event illuminating the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden and, for the first time, the First Nations Garden.
EVERY WEDNESDAY - Would you like to learn more about the Marie-Victorin Herbarium? Follow your guide!
Botanical Garden
MAY 15 TO OCTOBER 31 - Stroll along the paths through the First Nations Garden with one of our Indigenous nature guides, and learn about the First Nations' immense gratitude to Nature.
Botanical Garden
First Nations Garden