Francis Hallé: A Botanist's Journal


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June 15 to October 31, 2018
All Day Event
4101 Sherbrooke Est

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Francis Hallé is a world-renowned botanist specializing in the tropical rainforest. For over 50 years, he has surveyed kilometres of forests and worked with his team to develop the Canopy Raft, an extraordinary means of exploring the treetops. During his career, he has filled countless journals with his sketches and reflections: over 24,000 pages in all!

The Francis Hallé: A Botanist’s Journals exhibition is a tribute to this multitalented individual. Follow an outdoor pathway through the exhibition gardens and marvel at giant versions of some these journal pages, featuring 18 of his finest sketches. An installation at the end of the pathway lets you explore the canopy, an exceptional habitat in the tropical rainforest treetops. Our educators will be waiting for you.

In the greenhouses, you’ll see sketches matching the different collections, from the ferns to the orchids and food plants. And you can practise your sketching skills in the Chlorophyll Room!

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