Intimate concerts – ALBIN DE LA SIMONE

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July 7, 2019
Facing the Rose Garden
2 p.m.
4101 Sherbrooke Est

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The effect provided is as intense as it is persistent

Albin de la Simone has followed his path in a way that is as modest as it is deep. Among the great French music family, he is the kindest. The fragility of his voice immediately led to an intimate range: he made it his strength. When Albin sings, it is as if he is whispering sweetness in your ear. His songs provide a sense of warmth and closeness, conducive to trust.

After the tiger balm, the Albin bear balm, with its lights' garland around the neck. The effect provided is as intense as it is persistent.

Practical information

  • All shows are free with paid admission to the Jardin botanique.
  • Chairs are allowed on the site especially for the occasion. 
  • Shows will be cancelled in the event of extreme weather conditions (high winds, heavy rain, etc.).
  • The site is exposed to the sun; we therefore recommend that you bring a hat, sunscreen and water.
  • Umbrellas are allowed.

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