+1 °C : What difference does it make?


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August 13, 2021 to December 31 2022
All Day Event
160, chemin Tour-de-l'Isle
Île Sainte-Hélène
Montréal, QC Canada
H3C 4G8

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What’s with the Weather?

Come and see what a difference 1 °C makes, especially for human health. In this exhibition, scientists also answer questions like these:

  • What will happen if Earth’s temperature rises by 1 °C?
  • How can we predict what temperatures will be a hundred years from now?
  • It’s cold today, so why are we talking about global warming?

With the help of life-sized video presentations, scientists’ answers help demystify these concepts.

You’ll learn about climate change and its wide-ranging effects. Luckily, lots of solutions are already at hand!

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