Echo 67


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August 13, 2021 to April 30 2022
All Day Event
160, chemin Tour-de-l'Isle
Île Sainte-Hélène
Montréal, QC Canada
H3C 4G8

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The true nature of Expo 67

Before becoming a prominent symbol of Montréal, the Biosphère housed the United States pavilion during the 1967 World Fair. A major attraction for Expo 67, primarily because of its majestic architecture, the pavilion was a showcase for the creative achievements of the United States. 

A bridge between cultures

Echo 67 looks back at the environmental and cultural legacy of Expo 67. Its dome, designed by Buckminster Fuller, a forefather of sustainable development, has become an enduring symbol of the exposition, one of the first events to raise environmental issues

The United States’ pavilion team took a colourful, grandiose approach to their exhibitions, focusing on pop culture and breakthroughs in aerospace research. The Expo 67 site reflected the age of the space race between the US and the USSR: one pavilion was built on Île Sainte-Hélène and the other on Île Notre-Dame, but they were joined by the Cosmos footbridge.

Echo 67 is a tribute to this beautiful period of openness to the world in the history of Montréal. Pictures, stories, anecdotes and artifacts from Expo 67 will make older visitors nostalgic and hopefully inspire younger ones.

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