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June 2022

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Botanical Garden

June 2022

EVERY DAY - Explore the basics of tongue drumming and surrender to the enchanting beauty of an ancient melody.
Botanical Garden
Chinese Garden

China: Ties to the Land

Exhibition - Visual arts - Photography

EVERY DAY UNTIL OCTOBER 31 - In an exhibition displayed in three pavilions of the Chinese Garden, you’ll get to know three rural Chinese families and discover how they make a living from the land.
Botanical Garden
Friendship Hall - Chinese Garden
JUNE 11 AND 12 - Come and admire the distinctly Japanese elegance of the floral arrangements on display at the annual exhibition of the Montréal chapter of Ikebana International.
Botanical Garden
Japanese Pavilion - Japanese Garden

Good manners!

Guided activity

EVERY DAY UNTIL AUGUST 27 - Have fun discovering the good (and bad) table manners in Japan.
Botanical Garden
Japanese Pavilion - Japanese Garden
EVEYDAY UNTIL OCTOBER 31 - Follow a volunteer guide in the outdoor gardens and discover the hidden gems.
EVERY DAY UNTIL AUGUST 27- Walk in step with the Japanese and discover the true nature of this little garden and its many symbols.
Botanical Garden
Tea Garden - Japanese Garden

In the Company of Trees

Guided activity - Exhibition

EVRY DAY UNTIL OCTOBER 31 - Discover the different relationships that trees nurture and how they manage to communicate. You will see trees in a new way – as members of a broader community.
Botanical Garden
Tree Pavilion
MAY 29 TO JUNE 4 - A symposium of artworks created by emerging Indigenous artists, presented by Native Montreal Youth Council and Native Montreal
Botanical Garden
First Nations Garden