Inauguration of the Pollinator Garden


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June 22 to July 3 2022
All Day Event
4581, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal, QC Canada
H1X 2B2

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As part of a series of events celebrating entomophilia, i.e. the love, respect and appreciation of insects, Espace pour la vie is inaugurating the Insectarium's brand-new Pollinator Garden in an artful way. From June 22 to July 3, the general public is invited to discover temporary art installations that will pique their curiosity! Mini-Scenes from Daily Life featuring zany interpretations of natural behaviours of the pollinating insects invited to the garden and a giant flower that puts humans on the same scale as these insects will inhabit this new space, free of charge.


BZZZZZZ! is a work created by Castor et Pollux, an urban landscape design agency, which evokes the stamens and pistils of flowers that insects land on to feed on nectar, thus carrying pollen from one plant to another. Inspired by the red cohosh (actaea rubra), a plant native to Quebec, the ephemeral work is made of natural materials (bamboo, cotton, wicker and wood). This giant installation enables humans to experience a change of scale and gets them a little closer to the perspective of a pollinating insect. Find out more about the nectar-producing and native plants that will bloom in the Pollinator Garden.


Quebec artist Alexis Johnston-Benamou has developed eight miniature sets featuring pollinating insects from Quebec transposed into the world of humans: a longhorned beetle sitting at a buffet, an Admiral butterfly getting a makeover, etc. Through the artist's zany imagination, the natural behaviours of insects (pollination, reproduction, etc.) instantly become more familiar to humans.

Take part in the Biodiversity Challenge

Espace pour la vie invites visitors to take advantage of their visit to the Pollinator Garden to participate in the Biodiversity Challenge. How? By taking one or more photos of nature that they can then share with other nature lovers.

This activity in the Pollinator Garden is free.

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