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February 2 to February 6 2022
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Montréal, Québec Canada

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Space for life and Cultiver Montréal are proud to present the virtual edition of the Montréal Seed Festival, which will take place from February 2 to 6, 2022. Discover an abundance of seeding stories and stock up on supplies from the online stores of Quebec's seed growers!

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Please note lectures and conferences will be given in French.

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Free program

Wednesday, February 2

Opening panel discussion

7 to 8:30 pm | Seedling stories
What seeds tell us about our crops and our heritage. With Sylvia Julia Meriles of Les jardins épicés, Hamidou Maiga of Hamidou Horticulture and Teprine Baldo of Le Noyau.

Thursday, February 3


5 to 6:30 pm | Secrets of medicinal seeds
With Kélanie Chapdelaine of Les jardins féconds de Kélanie, Ariane B. Louis-Seize and Roby Gobeil of Le jardin des vie-la-joie and Teprine Baldo of Le Noyau


7 to 8:30 pm | Gardening for pollinators: Garden Planning and Seed Saving
With Krin Haglund of Jardin BUZZ

Friday, February 4


5 to 6:30 pm | Characteristics of northern seeds
With Patrice Fortier from La Société des Plantes, Catherine Wallenburg from Semences Nordiques and Jean-François Lévêque from Jardins de l'écoumène


7 to 8:30 pm | The love of cabbage: Exploring its history and reproductive methods
By Audrey Fontaine of Jardins La Brouette

Saturday, February 5


10 am to noon | Feeding the city: Urban agriculture I
With Shawn Manning from Semis Urbains, Geoffroy Renaud from Champignons Maison, Martin Boisvert from École Néo-Terra and Krin Haglund from Jardin BUZZ

1 to 2:30 pm | Guardians of rare seeds
With Lyne Bellemare from Terre Promise, Josée Pelletier from Semences des artisans and Audrey Fontaine from Jardins La Brouette


7 to 8:30 pm | Beyond the catalogue: How and why we choose our seeds
By Daniel Brisebois of the Tourne-sol Cooperative Farm

Sunday, February 6


10 to 11:30 am | Feeding the city: Urban agriculture II
With Hamidou Maiga of Hamidou Horticulture, Virginie Boivin-Jodoin of Atelier champignons Big Bloc and Jean-Philippe Alie of Les Fraises Alpines L'Ouvre-Cœur

1 to 2:30 pm | Seeds and community initiatives
With Eve-Justine Beaudin from the Bibliothèque de La Petite-Patrie, Francis Cecil-Cardinal from My Space for Life Garden and Andrée Nault from the Montréal Biodôme

3 to 4:30 pm | Ancestral and heritage seeds
With Catherine Gagnon-Mackay of Semences du Portage, Isaac Veilleux of Potager ornemental de Catherine and Daniel Brisebois of the Tourne-sol Cooperative Farm

Closing panel discussion

7 to 8:30 pm | From seed to plate
The role of seeds in a healthy and sustainable food system. With Jean-Nick Trudel from the Association des marchés publics du Québec (AMPQ), Bernard Lavallée from Le nutritionniste urbain and Lyne Bellemare from Terre Promise.

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